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Issue Date: 06/06/2004
Issue: Week of June 7, 2004
Today's Date:
June 11, 2004
About this edition 

The National Edition is a collection of stories from around the nation.

They were written by young journalists using ASNE's publishing tool to post their newspapers online.

We choose stories based on their quality and appeal to a broad teen readership.

These stories represent stories that were the most interesting or moving of the week.

This is not a “10 best stories” list.

And while we also understand that the writers, photographers and editors are not professional journalists, we’re looking for work that adheres to sound journalistic practices.

We select stories in the following general categories:
News, features, entertainment, student life, opinions and

Generally, we don’t post sports stories unless they have a strong news peg or are features that are of interest to readers beyond the local readership.

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If you would like to know more about the national edition, please check out our FAQ.
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